National Weather Service, Service Assessment. “Central United States Flooding of June 2008.” December, 2009c.

In June 2008, there was record flooding across large parts of the central United States, leading to 11 deaths and over $5 billion in damage costs. 73 of the 143 National Weather Service river forecast locations experienced record flooding. Due to the extremity of these floods, the National Weather Service put together a Service Assessment Team to assess how well the National Weather Service performed during the flooding events, most notably how they communicated and collaborated with other federal, state, local, and private organizations. This extensive report includes a summary of the meteorology, hydrology, and damage of the event, a summary of NWS flood forecasting operations for the event, facts, findings, recommendations, and best practices, collaboration efforts, an analysis of the accuracy and effectiveness of service, and societal perceptions. central_flooding09.pdf