Why Buy Flood Insurance?

One of the most dramatic – and visible – ways that floods affect communities is the damage floods can bring to properties, homes and personal belongings. A small amount of water can bring a tremendous amount of damage, and many property owners are unaware that their properties are at risk for flooding.

What’s worse: many property owners don’t realize that their homeowners’ or property owners’ insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. To be covered from flood damage, one must purchase National Flood Insurance through an insurance broker who works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Do I need flood insurance?

It is important to note that nearly 30 percent of all flood claims come from outside the “100-year-floodplain” as determined by the National Flood Insurance Program. The fact that a property is outside of the “legal” floodplain does not mean that the river or stream can’t still reach that property.  See our Flood Zones page for more information about assessing your property’s flood risk.

The Cost of Flooding

Consider that even just an inch of water can require a property to replace carpet, drywall, floor boards, moldings, doors and other belongings. Additionally, clean-up  of mud and residue can be costly, as can repairing any mold and mildew damage that may occur.

The Federal Emergency Management Association has a tool on its website that can help calculate the flood damage that might occur to your home. See “The Cost of Flooding” to use this tool.

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