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Raising Awareness Through Radio

Sharing stories and information through radio is a great way to spread news about flooding, and how to be prepared. In 2010, Nurture Nature Center staff produced four one-hour radio shows about the effects of flooding on individuals and communities, in cooperation with WDIY FM 88.1 Allentown radio.  These shows are posted below for you to hear, and may be re-broadcast upon request. Nurture Nature Center staff are available to help arrange radio shows in your community as well.

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Show #1:
March 4, 2010
“Delaware Floods and Their Impact”

This interview, which aired on WDIY FM 88.1 Allentown radio, features hosts Rachel Hogan Carr (Nurture Nature Foundation) and Marshall Frech (Director of the Flood Safety Project in Boulder, Colorado) talking with swiftwater rescue trainer Pat Shine and floodplain resident John Mauser of Lower Mt. Bethel Township, PA, about the regional flooding in 2004, 2005, and 2006, and the challenges that face individuals in flood events.

Show #2:
April 2, 2010
“The Economic, Social and Environmental
Challenges of Recent Floods”

This radio show, which aired on WDIY FM 88.1 Allentown radio, includes hosts Rachel Hogan Carr and Marshall Frech interviewing City of Easton Director of Planning and Codes Becky Bradley, and water resources engineer and certified floodplain manager John Miller, about the community-wide challenges flooding poses for the region.

Show #3: June 3, 2010
“After the Waters Subside: An Interview with Flood Victim Counselors”

This radio show, which aired on WDIY FM. 88.1 Allentown radio, features Rachel Hogan Carr as host along with Linda Frey and Mark Staples of Liberty Lutheran Services and Lutheran Disaster Response, discussing their poignant experiences assisting victims of flooding in the Delaware River Basin and Hurricane Katrina.   Includes a brief introduction on the Lehigh River Sojourn event.

Show #4: August 5, 2010

“The Flood of Record:  Are We Any Safer Today?”

In this interview, Host Rachel Hogan Carr discusses with Mary Shafer, author of Devastation on the Delaware: Stories and Images from the Deadly Flood of 1955, the storms that produced the 1955 flood, and the damage it wreaked throughout the region.  Shafer provided a riveting description of how the storms tracked, and then stalled over the region, creating the flood of record in the area, and Shafer and Carr discussed whether we are any safer today.  Recording of this show is unavailable.  Copies of Devastation on the Delaware, including an afterward by Rachel Hogan Carr, are available online and at Nurture Nature Center in Easton, PA.

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