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  • Study: Users welcome probabilistic forecasts

    Sun Feb 18th, 2018

    Nurture Nature Center, with partner East Carolina University, recently released the results of its most recent social science study, "Major Risks, Uncertain Outcomes: Making Ensemble Forecasts Work for Multiple Audiences." This study, which used focus groups and surveys to gather perspectives from residents, emergency managers and water resource managers in Maryland and West Virginia, aimed to understand how users interpret probabilistic forecast products from National Weather Service's Hydrologic Ensemble Forecasting System (HEFS). read more

  • Be Smart When It Storms

    Thu Oct 1st, 2015

    As part of its recent social science studies related to the public's use of National Weather Service flood forecast products, Nurture Nature Center has produced a series of new outreach and educational materials.  These flyers, cards and table-top banners, which will be used by NWS offices and NNC for outreach, provide ways for people to "Be Weather Alert" and to "Be Smart When It Storms."  The materials describe the sorts of impacts people can expect from severe storms and flooding, and also provide instruction on using flood forecasts and warnings to keep households safe.  The materials are available at NNC's social science research website,

  • NNC releases NWS flood studies

    Wed May 20th, 2015

    With support from two different grants from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Nurture Nature Center has released two studies detailing how public audiences use National Weather Service flood forecast and warning tools.  The first study looked at how New Jersey and Pennsylvania audiences in the Delaware River Basin use the suite of riverine flood forecast products issued by NWS.  The second studied how coastal New Jersey residents use NWS products, including particularly, emergency briefings.  Findings include recommendations for improvements to design and timing of products, and insights for how products can be better used to motivate appropriate public action.   The studies are available at

  • NNC begins coastal flooding research study

    Sat Jan 4th, 2014

    In January 2014, NOAA Sea Grant, through its Coastal Storm Awareness Program, awarded a 16-month grant project to NNC to study the public's use of National Weather Service's flood forecast and warning tools.  The social science research study entitled, "They Had the Facts, Why Didn't They Act?: Understanding and Improving Public Response to NWS Coastal Flooding Forecasts," will look specifically at the role of emergency briefings as an emerging tool for communicating read more

  • Screening of “Trouble the Water” for Flood Safety Awareness Week

    Screening of “Trouble the Water” for Flood Safety Awareness Week Fri Mar 15th, 2013

    Join us on Thursday, March 21st from 6:00pm-9:00pm for a film screening of "Trouble the Water" - a film about Hurricane Katrina. The screening will be followed by a reception catered by Café Santosha of Trexlertown, PA that incorporates local ingredients. Doors open at 6:00pm and film starts at 6:30pm. Suggested donation of $10.00. Registration is required: 610-253-4432 or

  • “Rising Waters” Science on a Sphere Show on YouTube

    Tue Mar 12th, 2013

    Now you can watch our "Rising Waters" Science on a Sphere program on YouTube! This program covers the conditions for precipitation, current and future precipitation trends, and the impact of flooding on people. Nurture Nature Center created "Rising Waters" through an Environmental Literacy Grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Visit our center at 518 Northampton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania to watch the full program on our giant animated globe.

  • New! Flood Activity Booklet Now Available

    Thu Feb 14th, 2013

    At the request of the Schuylkill County Emergency Management Agency, the Focus on Floods team has developed a new booklet format for the downloadable .pdf flood coloring and activity sheets.  These booklets can be customized with your organization’s logo and message on the front and back cover, and are perfect for distributing to classrooms and schools or other large groups.  Please contact us at for printing information and more details.

  • Gary Szatkowski Presents on Hurricane Sandy

    Thu Dec 27th, 2012

    Gary Szatkowski is the Head Meteorologist at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Mt. Holly, NJ/Philadelphia. Using satellite images of Hurricane Sandy on the Science on a Sphere exhibit, Gary gave a presentation at the Nurture Nature Center on Thursday, December 13th about how the NWS worked to explain this historic storm to the public in advance, and how it should affect how we plan for the future. If you missed this great event, you can still find his presentation here.

  • Hurricane Sandy and Coastal Flooding

    Fri Nov 2nd, 2012

    By now, the images of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy are locked into the memories of everyone on the East Coast of the United States - collapsed boardwalks and houses, whole communities without power, and sadly, too much loss of life.  For much of the Delaware River Basin, the event was less about flooding than it was about tremendous wind damage, power outages and disruption of life.  But for coastal communities, the flooding is unparalleled.  A new website,, provides excellent resources read more

  • Nurture Nature Center’s first anniversary

    Thu Nov 1st, 2012

    November 1, 2012 marks one year since Nurture Nature Center (the organization that created this Focus on Floods project with National Weather Service) opened its doors to the public.  NNC uses science, art and dialogue programs to help communities address local issues, like flooding.  In the past year, thousands of school visitors, emergency managers, teachers and residents have come to see our Science on a Sphere exhibit that shows awe-inspiring images of earth and space science.  NNC has created a feature program for the SOS called "Rising Waters," read more

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